Friday, July 29, 2005

Extreme Left/Right Both Wrong About Terror

I am tired of my socialist friends coming up with a littany of excuses for terrorists.

Like somehow evil people with no conscience, are entirely the fault of our own foreign policy. It's a childish and simplistic notion, and it is also in my opinion, a dangerous one.

These would have been the same people that would have found reasons not to get involved in stopping the Nazis in the 40's and the same people that would have found Chamberlain's approach to "keeping the peace" in Europe, the 'smarter approach'.

Well history has taught us, that the Nazis were assholes, that the anti-war movement in America and Canada in the late 30's and early 40's was wrong and the world is a better place because those voices that 'reasoning', did not prevail. History has judged Churchill as being correct and Neville Chamerlain as being wrong.

But which one do you think Al Franken would have sympathized with, had he lived in that era?

And yes, sometimes war is not only necessary, it can, (on rare occcasions) actually improve the quality of our lives. Liberals can put that notion in their pipes and smoke it, because that is historical fact.

Now, for you Republican blokes out there, don't think that means I'm bowing down to the ridiculous rhetoric and squandering of public trust that the Bush administration has perpetuated for 5 years straight.

The Iraq war was mismanaged from day one, anyone who claims otherwise does not know the facts. The Iraq war was miscalculated strategy. Bringing democracy to Iraq is not the answer. Let's set aside that wasn't the reason we the people agreed to go to war in the first place. The fact of the matter is, democracy in Iraq is not the answer.

The single most compelling reason I can think of as to why democracy in Iraq is not the answer to terrorism, is because Iraq itself, should not even be a country, at least the way the country is drawn on the map now. Iraq's current borders were drawn up by colonial England nearly a century ago.

Someone once wrote that Iraq was 'not governable' and that insurgency would always be a problem there. They wrote those words in 1920. Do you know who that person was? That person was Winston Churchill.

Iraq's borders cross ethnic, cultural and religious lines. The borders make no sense! They never have, and as a result, bringing any form of stable and peaceful government to the region will never work. Even the mighty Ottoman Empire struggled with insurgency in that region for 300+ years! Look it up, that is historical fact.

300 years of insurgency? How does that sound to you Republican boobs out there?

It was an arrogant and blind administration, that believed that the age-old rivalries between Persians and Arabs that have existed for over 1000 years could simply be wiped away with an American flag and a piece of paper with the word 'constitution' on it.

Sure the ink stains on the old woman's thumb made for great press, but its an illusion that things 'are getting better in Iraq'. They will never get better in Iraq, because it is a country that has been knee-deep in cultural antipathy since the country's inception and indeed, for centuries before that.

That antipathy will never change, nor will it subside. Deluding yourself that it will change, at the expense of billion of dollars borrowed from China, is one of the dumbest moves in American foreign policy history.

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