Sunday, July 24, 2005

Anarchist on Welfare

He's an anarchist on welfare
He's such a fucking joke.
The government is evil, until he needs the poke.

He's first in line for handouts
He wants the life that's free.
He's an anarchist on welfare
and he's such a fucking joke.

Anarchy's religion,
or so he likes to say,
But his mother sends him cookies
To help him through his day

He thinks that he is hardcore
Doc Marten boot spit shine
And his leather jacket artwork
helps keep his peace of mind

But he's an anarchist on welfare
He's such a fucking joke,
The government is evil, unless he needs some cash
He likes to rob the system blind, he can buy an ounce of hash.

If you're an anarchist on welfare
You are a fucking joke
You think you have conviction,
but in fact, you're just a joke

The government is laughing,
because you are its tool.
And the day they decide to start the draft,
you'll be the first in line you fool.

For the sake of just dollars a day,
You've submitted to their rule
You're just an anarchist on welfare, a total hypocrite
So please don't lecture me at all,
you collosal piece of shit.

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