Thursday, February 03, 2005

Right vs. Left

I want the right and the left to stop screaming in my ear.

It seems to me if you are left wing or liberal or whatever term you want to use, then you seem to want to endlessly preach the following:

1. Republicans are evil and just want to make lots of money

2. The war on terror, is being usurped to send the US into tyranny and corporate fascism.

3. Bush, Rice, Rumsfeldt, Cheney and the so called "Neo-Conservatives" are all idiots. They are also evil and cannot be trusted in any shape or form. (NOTE: Seems to me, the left always insinuates that people right of the spectrum are less intelligent than they are. I find that most insulting of all).

4. You seem to suggest constantly, that Republicans want to pollute and destroy the Earth and sometimes suggest there is a massive conspiracy, to keep people on the right side of the spectrum in power.

Turning the tables to the other side, it seems to me, that if you are right wing, then you seem to want to preach endlessly that:

1. The left hate America and blame America for everything.

2. The left are naive, foolish and don't know how the "real world" works.

3. The left are Godless, faithless, cheat on their spouses and cannot be trusted in any shape or form. (NOTE: The right always insinuate the left is immoral and out of touch with how "real" America feels, I find that most insulting of all).

4. The left just want to tax everyone so they can get rich. They are evil liberals who live in the Northeast US, they hate everyone and think they are better than everyone else.

You know quite frankly, I'm sick of both of you. The next time I read a political column I'd like it to be about ideas, solutions and analysis, why is that so hard to find these days?

It's not sports, its not "us vs. them," its not Packers vs. Bears, its not Arsenal vs. Chelsea. Its political dialogue and it seems sadly lacking in real thought and analysis these days.

So, I have news for the so-called left and right of this country:

I find the notion, that one prevailing side of the political fence is always right, while the other is always wrong to be childish and quite frankly, tiresome.

Liberals, please shut up, you don't own the patent on human compassion, mercy, charity and progressive thought.

Conservatives, please shut up, you don't own the patent on patriotism, common sense, thrift and morale values.

I wish I could send both of you to bed with no supper, until you can learn to play together like human beings, with respect and tolerance for those who don't think like you do.

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  1. Try majoring in political science. I have to listen to this bickering between the right and the left all the time. It's one of the reasons why I'm suicidal.