Sunday, May 08, 2005

I'm Still Good

I don't know what to tell you. I was at a bar and I saw it all happen.

There was poor, there was rich, there were the desperate and the fliratious

There were those that wanted, those that neeeded and those that had so much they needed a rest from it.

Then there was me, somewhere in the middle,(where ever that is) watching it all happen, watching it all go down.

And there it was, in some obscure bar, in some corner of the universe, like a flash, it was there...

...the answer to everything...

...the very thing we all seek when see a psych, or when send a probe to Mars. The thing Orson Welles was seeking when he threw the snow globe onto the ground, or the very thing we seek when we put a pen to paper and write a novel, or every time we create in any capacity, the answer to 'why' was right there.

I had it, yes I had it, for a fleeting moment, I swear I had it and then it was gone. Gone, gone, gone.

And all I can remember was, the answer was simple and made me laugh when I thought of it.

It's gone now and all I got is this stupid blog to show for it.

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