Sunday, February 13, 2005

Light and Meaningless

My last two blog entries were kind of heavy and preachy. I can get that way sometimes.

So I am going to make this one rather light and quite meaningless. Here are ten things I can think of that fit that bill:

1. I like City of Heroes more than World of Warcraft.

2. I like the Seattle Seahawks football team, despite their utter lack of success for 29 years.

3. My kids are awesome, and yes, I know all parents say that.

4. I watch Charlie Rose sometimes, especially if he has a good guest.

5. My wife made me a scrabbled egg bagel today with cheese. It tastes better than an Egg McMuffin.

6. I don't like reading books. That upsets a lot of people when I say that, but I just don't. I think its because I used to read all the time when I was a kid.

7. I can see Puget Sound and downtown Seattle from my living room window.

8. I can see Mount Rainier on a clear day too from the same window.

9. I have this ridiculous collection of D&D Miniatures. Which makes me the biggest nerd I have ever met.

10. The thing is, I like being a nerd. In fact, I've done it for so long, I think I've learned how to be quite happy as one. That also upsets some people when I say that.

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